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Enhancing the efficiency of work meetings

In the modern corporate landscape, seamless communication is vital, but it can be challenging with limited resources and ever-growing demands for real-time collaboration. Staying updated on the latest meeting room technology is crucial for enhancing meeting efficiency and gaining a competitive edge.

Our conference room AV solutions are designed to transform your meetings into immersive and productive experiences. With features like audio-video connection, transmission, distribution and interactive digital signage, we create an environment that encourages collaboration and elevates meeting outcomes.

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Services and Products for Conference Room

Custom Active Optical Cable

Connect your meeting room displays with your existing hardware, including video switchers, video splitters, or computers. Our custom AOC can be discreetly routed behind displays and is a breeze to install in tight spaces, accommodating corners and bends effortlessly.

Custom Hub & Docking

Our hubs & docking consider factors like the number and types of ports it offers (e.g., HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, Ethernet), compatibility with different laptop models, maximum supported resolutions, and the ability to charge devices.

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Ultra-High-Bandwidth Support

Our AOCs are purpose-built to manage ultra-high-bandwidth video signals, ensuring the transmission of UHD video over long distances with uncompromised clarity and precision.

Easy Installation

Our AV products are designed for hassle-free installation, reducing the complexity often associated with advanced A/V setups. They are plug-and-play, saving valuable time during installations.

Reliability First

In professional settings, reliability is paramount. Elike AOCs are renowned for their ultra-reliable performance, ensuring that your A/V system operates consistently without interruptions.


Elike AV products are advanced yet budget-friendly, offering top-notch performance at a reasonable cost for A/V setups. Get your sample and quote from our expert.

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