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Our USB cables offer various speeds to suit your needs, whether you require fast transmission for high-quality videos or specific features like length, water resistance, durability, or surge protection based on your profession and usage conditions.

USB Cables Tailored to Every Situation

Elike USB cables offer durability to the users and have a quirky design. The most amazing thing about them is their build which offers safety and high durability to the users. These wires also offer flexibility and resistance to pulling and bending.

Fit to Any Need

How to Choosing the Right USB Cable

Improved Data Transfer Rate and Strength

High-quality USB cables transmit data and large files quickly, making busy lives easier, preventing data loss, and ensuring smooth transfers.

Enhanced Gadget Charging Capability

High-quality cables charge devices faster, saving you time and allowing you to invest it in more productive activities.

Durability and Longevity of Cables

High-quality USB cables can work for a long time without any wear or tear. It is so because they are made of robust materials. Thanks to this feature, you can save a lot of money on purchasing replacements.

Protection Against Power Surges

Investing in a high-quality USB cord protects devices from power surges, unlike low-grade cords that are prone to damage. High-quality cables have built-in safety features guarding against weather conditions and power surges.

Compatibility with Future USB Standards

High-quality USB cables are suitable for a range of gadgets. It means you can use one cable for different purposes. It makes the cable highly convenient and versatile as you can use the same with all devices.

Future USB Cable Standards

A new, super-fast, variation of USB 4 is on the horizon, which is the future of USB cord standards. The next-gen Version 2.0 will double the bandwidth of existing USB 4 connectors and be backward compatible. It means the existing USB-C cables of 40 Gbps will work with faster speeds when the new standard is available.

The updated characteristics of the USB 4 solution offer up to 80 Gbps process speed, using the 40 Gbps Type-C passive cables and newly defined USB Type-C active cables.

USB Cord Certifications

USB-IF Certification
The USB-IF Certificate strives to offer users a checklist of cords that satisfy grade benchmarks for smooth operation. Since all wires don’t have similar abilities, USB-IF approves them for varied objectives. If you are buying a USB cord, you must choose a cord that can offer the best function in a particular USB environment.

USB PD (Power Delivery) Standard
It is a USB charging bar that permits users to bypass the fragmented cable market. It can be executed in all USB-powered devices, offering maximum charging energy. The ideal power is 2.5W for USB 2.0, 4.5W for USB 3.0, and 7.5W for BC version 1.2. Now let’s discuss the advantages and compatibilities of the PD Standard.

USB Cable Length Considerations

USB cables are created within a recommended measurement to avoid errors during data transmission. Its ideal length depends on several factors such as:

If the cord’s length is more than the ideal size, it will take more time to transmit a reply from one point to the other. It will increase the probability of late crash blunders.
If the cord’s length is long, it might attenuate and the power of the signal can diminish.

Fortunately, users can increase the limitation of a USB cord by using an extension cord. It is available in a range of sizes and has both male and female connectors.

Braided vs. Non-braided USB Cables

CONSTRUCTION Braided cables are built from various defensive strands that are joined together. These cords have a smooth external build made using a wire wrapped in plastic or PVC.
FLEXIBILITY Braided cables can twist more nicely than non-braided ones, offering high flexibility for different uses. These USB cables are more on the inflexible side.
DURABILITY Braided cables are highly stable and have a long lifespan as they are immune to wear and tear. Non-braided cords have a shorter lifespan as they offer low resistance against wear and tear.
PRICE These cords are on the more expensive side than the usual ones. These cords are available at a reasonable rate, making them perfect for people with fixed budgets.

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