SMT Manufacturing Service

Our expertise in Surface Mount Technology recognizes that component complexity, production volume, and process intricacies are pivotal factors influencing manufacturing efficiency. With Elike, you can expect streamlined solutions that optimize time and cost by leveraging advanced techniques and strategic production planning.

Integrated & Design Services

Elike SMT design process have create components that are used in a variety of industries, from communications to medicine to aviation to automotive to consumer electronics. Our design service includes mechanical design, thermal balance or simply cable performance test are all available.

They collaborate closely with the client to either create a customized PCB design or optimize the client’s existing design. Contact us for a complimentary SMT production process solution.

Component Procurement

Our procurement team takes charge of acquiring all necessary components for the project. We maintain strong partnerships with reputable component suppliers to ensure a reliable source of high-quality SMT components.

Components undergo a comprehensive inspection process, including checks for authenticity, quality, and compatibility with the project requirements.

Real-time inventory tracking is maintained to ensure the availability of components throughout the production cycle.

SMT Assembly

PCB loader

The PCB is automatically loaded into the solder printing machine’s rack.

Printing Machine

Automated solder paste application and reflow soldering processes are employed to achieve consistent and reliable solder connections.

Surface Mount Components

The surface mount components (SMC) are precisely positioned onto the PCB pads by the movement of the SMT machine’s placement head.

Quality Control

Quality control procedures are rigorously implemented at various checkpoints during the SMT assembly process. Our quality control team conducts visual inspections, ensuring that all components are properly aligned and soldered.

Advanced automated optical inspection (AOI) systems are employed to detect any potential defects or anomalies.

PCB Inspection and Testing

Functional testing is carried out on each assembled PCB to verify that it meets the specified performance standards. Comprehensive testing includes functional checks of all circuitry, connectors, and interfaces.

Any identified issues are promptly addressed, and adjustments or corrections are made as necessary.

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