Video Walls Solutions

When Critical Information Demands Visualization

Video walls are often used to display high-resolution content or real-time data feeds. Connectivity solutions must support high data transmission rates to ensure that the displayed information is sharp and up-to-date.

Our Video wall connectivity solutions are built for durability and reliability, which means they have a longer lifespan than individual displays. This longevity minimizes the frequency of replacements and the associated costs. It also can be compatible with a wide range of display technologies and brands to accommodate diverse setups and ensure interoperability.

Elike Solutions,
Services and Products for Video Walls

Custom Ultra HDMI Cable

Certified for premium performance, our custom HDMI cables support HDMI 2.1 features with up to 48Gbps bandwidth, offering peace of mind and perfect lengths from 10 to 300meters. See our products.

Advanced AV Distribution and Control

Elike products designed for 16Gbps networks, effortlessly distributes 4K 60 Hz video and audio over IP. This innovative video distribution system harmoniously integrates AV and data payloads within a single IT network, streamlining network management and cost-efficiency.

Custom Connectivity Performance

Over the years, we have delivered countless tailored cabling solutions to diverse industries, encompassing government, education, corporate, military, healthcare, and beyond. Our dedicated team stands ready to assist you in crafting the perfect connectivity solution for your unique needs.

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Your Benefits

Design & Prototypes

Want to verify the functionality of your custom solution in your video walls? Partner with Elike and our skilled technicians to design, assemble, and deliver a prototype for your testing needs.

No Delays or Signal Loss

Our custom fiber optic cables are perfectly suited for around-the-clock AV applications, guaranteeing seamless signal transmission without any disruptions or delays.

No External Power Required

A user-friendly, plug-and-play cable designed for easy navigation through tight spaces and behind ultra-thin displays, eliminating the requirement for external power supplies.

No Order Minimum

At Elike, there are no minimum order restrictions. We are delighted to support you in any custom cabling project, regardless of its size.

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