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Vatech’s Shift to AOC Cables for Dental Imaging – Enhancing Precision and Reliability


Vatech, a global leader in dental digital radiography and Cone Beam CT technology, consistently prioritizes offering cutting-edge solutions. With a diverse product portfolio, Vatech is committed to introducing innovations in digital dental X-ray imaging that benefit both dentists and their patients.

The Challenge:

In the realm of dental imaging, precision and real-time feedback are crucial. Dentists rely on accurate imaging to diagnose and treat patients, making any delay or signal loss detrimental to the process. Vatech’s dental CT machines, which are at the forefront of imaging technology, were connected to servers using traditional copper USB cables. However, these copper cables often introduced delays and were prone to signal loss, potentially compromising the imaging quality.

The Solution:

Recognizing the limitations of conventional copper cables, Vatech introduced an Active Optical Cable (AOC) solution. The company developed two types of AOC cables:

4m: USB Type A female to Type A female AOC Cable

10m: USB Type A male to Type A male AOC Cable

Implementing the 10m USB Type A male to Type A male AOC cable specifically to connect PCs (servers) with their 3D dental CT machines marked a significant step forward in ensuring high-quality imaging.

Why AOC over Copper?

  • No Signal Loss: Unlike the traditional copper USB cables, AOC does not suffer from signal degradation over longer distances. This ensures that high-quality imaging data is transmitted without loss or distortion.
  • No Delays: AOC cables offer real-time data transmission, eliminating the delays often experienced with copper cables. For medical professionals, this means faster and more accurate results during crucial procedures.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: AOC cables are more lightweight and soft compared to their copper counterparts. This makes them easier to manage, install, and use in various clinical setups.
  • No External Power Supply Required: One of the significant advantages of the AOC solution is that it operates without needing an external power source. This reduces clutter and the potential for technical issues or failures.
  • The Essence of Medical Imaging:

Medical imaging, particularly in dentistry, isn’t just about getting a picture; it’s about obtaining a precise, high-resolution, and reliable image that can guide diagnosis and treatment. Any interference, whether in the form of signal loss or delay, can lead to misdiagnoses, affecting patient care.

  • Advancements in AOC Technology:
    The transition from traditional copper cables to AOC isn’t just a switch in materials—it’s a technological leap. AOCs utilize fiber optics to transmit data, leveraging the speed and reliability of light as a transmission medium.
  • Data Transmission Rates: AOCs can support higher data rates, accommodating the vast amounts of data generated by advanced 3D dental CT machines. As medical imaging technologies continue to evolve and produce higher resolution images, the need for faster data transmission becomes even more critical.

Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Medical equipment is sensitive. In a setting where multiple electronic devices are in use, EMI can be a challenge. AOCs are immune to EMI, ensuring that imaging data remains pure and unaffected by surrounding electronic devices.

Environmental Advantages:

Beyond the immediate benefits to the dental imaging process, AOCs are more environmentally friendly. They consume less power than copper cables, contributing to energy savings. Moreover, as they’re made primarily of glass and plastic, they have a smaller carbon footprint in their production compared to copper.

Future Implications:

With the internet of things (IoT) and interconnected medical devices becoming the norm, the demand for efficient, fast, and reliable data transmission solutions will only grow. AOCs are not just a solution for the present but are paving the way for the future of medical imaging and beyond.

Tele-dentistry & Remote Diagnostics: As the world moves towards more remote healthcare solutions, the ability to transmit high-quality images in real-time becomes even more crucial. AOCs can play a pivotal role in making tele-dentistry a widespread reality.

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